Boomerang – New Looney Tunes

With the threat of a snowy avalanche looming, it is up to Porky the Mountie to evacuate all the residents of the remote Canadian forest./Tad Tucker is filming an outdoor workout video. Bugs learns that part of Tad’s fitness regimen involves eating an entire family of rabbits, so he decides to teach Tad a lesson./When Count BloodCount steals all the blood from the blood bank, Vampire Hunter Daffy Duck joins a frightened Porky Pig to get it back./Bugs & Cecil get half of the last dozen Potato Balls from a food truck. When they learn they’re going to the same party, the race is on to see who can arrive with the snacks first./Bugs agrees to take care of Porky’s two hamsters. He brings them home, and wakes up the next morning to find out that the hamsters have multiplied and taken over./Pepe Le Pew and Claudette are assigned the same mission in an art gallery. While Claudette keeps her eyes on the mission, Pepe keeps his eyes on Claudette./Leslie is jealous when Bugs is appointed the new Knight of Square Table, so he tries everything to take Bugs out and replace him./Marvin the Martian is planning an invasion of Earth, but decides he must study a typical Earthling before doing so. Unfortunately for him, the Earthling he chooses is Daffy Duck./When Wile E. Coyote discovers that the secret behind AcmeInstant’s instant delivery service is The Road Runner, he pulls out all the stops to try and capture him./Viktor is a clown in The Pretentious Circus when his act is ruined by a critical onlooker, Daffy Duck. Daffy goes out of his way to show Viktor what he thinks a circus should be.


  • Boomerang

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