Cartoon Network – Ben 10

While Gwen listens to a lecture on the Transcontinental Railroad, Ben sneaks away to the gift shop. But the Bounty Hunters appear and corner our hero! / As Max attempts to get Ben and Gwen to the Four Corners Monument before sunset, an ominous fog bank engulfs the roadway. / After Ben gets too much publicity for his alien antics in Fort Knox, a jealous Gwen feels unappreciated, but she soon must prove she’s a worthy member of Team Tennyson. / After a lull in alien antics, a restless Ben suggests to Max and Gwen that he might be a better hero if he went solo. Ben soon finds out he must rethink his strategy. / The Weatherheads set their sights on Winter Wonderland as their next target and Ben must become one with his emotion if he is to save the town.


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