Cartoonito – Fireman Sam

As Sam, Ellie and Arnold put Bessie in the shed to protect her from the winter chill, they come across Gareth wearing a cardboard astronaut’s helmet./The Wildmen of Pontypandy are taking the Pontypandy Pioneers up the mountain for a wilderness outing, and Moose lives his dream of building a bear out of sticks and twigs. /Station Officer Steele is horrified to find he has two Cridlington’s on his crew when Elvis’ cousin, Jerry Lee, stands in for Penny, who is away on a course./It’s freezing and Mike Flood is building an ice rink in his back garden. The kids are going to play ice hockey on it – except Norman can’t skate, and so is forced to use an aid./Charlie is having a day at the beach with James and Sarah. But today is not Charlie’s day. It seems that everything he does turns in to a disaster and makes him look uncool./Sam is supervising a forest fire drill – it’s the beginning of summer, and the forest is dry.


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