Cartoonito – Fireman Sam

James is keen to be a firefighter and listens to calls to Jupiter on his walkie-talkie. After one call he gets to Norman and Lion first and helps rescue them./As twins Sarah and James can never agree on what kind of birthday party to have, Bronwyn has decided that this year they will have two parties./Norman & Hannah set themselves up as The Why Files – investigators of the mysterious mysteries of Pontypandy & one of their first cases involves strange goings on near the cliffs. /Norman Price tries to make his Mum’s birthday special by making a cake with Mike Flood, but they end up causing a fire. Fireman Sam comes to the rescue./It’s the annual Pontypandy Cheese Roll Challenge and Norman really wants the prize – the giant cheese! /Norman, Mandy, Sarah and James are participating in Moose’s Wild West Experience. Sam and Penny rescue Mandy and her horse after they fall down a slope and get tangled in bushes.


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