Cartoonito – Fireman Sam

Mike has built a rocket and is preparing to launch it. Norman has become fascinated by Mike’s project and wants to build and launch one of his own./Sam and the crew arrive at Lizzie’s Vet Surgery to find that Woolly is stuck on the roof! Meanwhile the Pioneers are off with Trevor, trying to get their map-reading badges./It’s Sam’s birthday and Charlie has got Joe to make Sam a remote control model of Jupiter. Unfortunately, Hannah and Sarah decide to play with it and accidentally break it! /When Norman, James, Sarah and Mandy go to play Castles and Kings at the ruins, Gareth builds them a cardboard dragon to use in their game. Norman sets off to make a better dragon./James has discovered Bella Lasagne’s old pizza recipes and starts to bake pizzas in the Whole Fish Café. Everyone is really impressed, the recipe is fantastic!


  • Cartoonito

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